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What people are saying about this book!

Jill Konrath

“It’s time for a new breed of seller who inspires clients to change. Get this book to discover how to become an invaluable, irresistible resource and at the same time close more profitable sales.”

Jill Konrath, Bestselling Author of SNAP Selling and Agile Selling

Jill Konrath

Lori Richardson

“Reading Bernadette’s book is like being around her – inspirational, thoughtful, and focused on growth. In “The Art of Commercial Conversations” she invites sellers to rethink their approach with buyers and to value conviction, context, and contribution. This ties in strongly with how sales has changed, and the book speaks to that. Buy the book and hone the craft of professional conversations – it is a lifeline in a sea of business change.”

Lori Richardson, CEO, Score More Sales & President, Women Sales Pros

Lori Richardson

Jill Rowley

“Because technology has changed the nature of communities, it has changed the nature of business and as a result brands and individuals must adapt and engage with even more connective purpose. People have always bought from people they know, like, and trust and these nine conversations within The Art of Commercial Conversations definitely expound the importance of that engagement message.”

Jill Rowley, Social Selling Evangelist, Forbes Top 30 Sales People

Jill Rowley

Tony Hughes

“Bernadette McClelland has written a timely and timeless masterpiece. Enlightened leadership is needed more than ever, especially in an industry that is losing it’s way. This is a must read for everyone in professional selling who aspires to a values driven approach to leadership and seeking a framework for making a difference through integrity, passion and value.”

Tony J. Hughes, Keynote Speaker, Best Selling Author, B2B Social Selling Commentator

Trevor Young

“Social technologies have turbo-charged the expectations of today’s hyper-connected consumer. All parts of the marketing process are being impacted, and none more so than sales. But technology is just the enabler. Today, marketing and all it entails is about being human, taking a heart-centred approach, telling stories, creating conversations and becoming part of our customers’ communities. In The Art of Commercial Conversations, Bernadette McClelland challenges us to change the way we think about sales and selling, what can we do to ensure we’re more in-sync with today’s buyers. Ask yourself: “What are the conversations you are having?””

Trevor Young, author: microDOMINATION; founder: PR Warrior

John Smibert

“Bernadette McClelland’s new book The Art of Commercial Conversations hit me hard like a Bondi wave – refreshing, invigorating and powerful. She has encapsulated the changing world of doing business with business – a world where the buyer has transformed the way they are doing business which necessitates that sellers rethink how they engage. She states that we can no longer succeed by being sellers, we need to be ChangeMakers – we need to sell change. I totally agree. This book is essential reading for every business leader and sales professional in the business to business world”

John Smibert, Co-Founder of Sales Masterminds Australasia